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25-10-1986 – Agro-Based Products of Malaysia / Tanam-Tanaman Pertanian Malaysia (JOHOR)

DEFINITIVE STAMPS – STATE SERIES The agro-based product series can be considered the longest running issue of the modern Malaysian definitive issues since the orchid state series in 1965. Not surprisingly, many reprints have been emerged for the last 20 years since the release of this series, in particular for the period of 1993-1999. Due to the pending of the...

25-02-2016 – State Definitive Series – Johor / Siri Definitif Negeri – Johor

Bunga-Bungaan Taman / Garden Flowers The definitive collection is a follow-up to the issue in 2007 which featured the latest images of Sultan Ibrahim Ismail in a stamp collection 10 sen (Lotus)20 sen (French hydrangea)30 sen (Red lilacs)40 sen(Bougainvillea)50 sen (Morning Glory)60 sen (Hibiscus)MS10 sen (Lotus) 20 sen (French hydrangea) 30 sen (Red lilacs) 40 sen(Bougainvillea) 50 sen (Morning Glory)...

18-07-2011 – Royal Palaces / Istana-Istana Diraja

A compilation of the Royal Palaces in Malaysia RM1 – Istana Besar Seri Menanti RM1 – Istana Balai Besar RM1 – Istana Abu Bakar RM1 – Istana Besar RM1 – Istana Maziah RM1 – Istana Arau RM1 – Istana Alam Shah RM1 – Istana Negara RM1 – Istana Anak Bukit RM1 – Istana Iskandariah Booklet, Sheet RM1 x 10

11-04-1998 – Currency Heritage / Warison Mata Wang

Gold Coins of the Malay States The development of currency in the many island states of the Malay Archipelago was very much related to their trade activities. The intoduction of a standard currency evolved from the need to solve problems often encountered in barter trading. The number of gold coins issued then reflected trading requirement, where higher value coins were...

22-08-2008 – Bridges of Malaysia / Jambatan-Jambatan Di Malaysia

This series showcase these innovative bridges up to the time of Malaysia’s Independence in 1957. This collection of historical structures that have played a major role in the growth of industries like tin mining, rubber and the overall economy of the nation are given due recognition. Sungei Segamat Bridge, Johor This bridge was built in 1933 to provide means of...
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